20 Years in 5 Minutes: video

Had fun this weekend of my final Commencement at VCU compiling this video collage of my professoring career (left out the interminable meetings, included the goofy costume parties). And yes, I am, er, was the barefoot professor.

4 thoughts on “20 Years in 5 Minutes: video

  1. i know your work was work. and i think it was also your mission and your passion and your joy.

    i trust new things will fill the spaces that work used to occupy.

    blessings, a



  2. I’ve never seen anything like this video. One of my first thoughts was that Joey would go ballistic, would dance around in sheer delight and hug the world. You are such a gift

    Sent from my iPhone



    • Thanks, Ken – aimed the video at former students and fellow OT team members, but if I’d wanted to speak of my larger career, you and Joey would have been the first and last pics.


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