2020: A Personal Slide Show

A little slideshow as we leave this trying year:

Last day of December in New Jersey visiting family, I photographed this old truck/came home and published a book of poems dedicated to our boys/and in what almost seems an innocent time now, took notes on what to do in an active shooter situation at school/spring break came and Jeanne Wallace let us spend it at her Kill Devil Hills beach cottage – the news grew bleaker all week there and they closed the bridge to the mainland the day we left/Grandma Connie, here with Nick and Stephen on her 100th birthday, was an early casualty, we think, though there was no testing yet; died alone in assisted living after gesturing “I love you all” through a window to her daughter-in-law Roz who stood outside in the shrubbery in tears/the pandemic comes to Richmond/a haiku I posted on Facebook/how family visits now/my new teaching gear/doctored photo/the marches begin downtown/thank heavens for the woods and daily walks with Buddy our dog – here some tulip poplar blossoms collected along the way/Sarah transitions/some of her many hats/the widower Ken finding another use for poplar, making a table for Chris’ flowers/Election Weekend in Franklin County, VA/a cartoon sent to me by my friend in a federal prison, where Covid has exploded/that happy Saturday afternoon/and just the four of us on Thanksgiving after two of us were exposed and awaiting tests. May we emerge in health and compassion in the New Year!

And here’s a link to the New York Times’ annual photo display: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/world/year-in-pictures.html?action=click&module=Spotlight&pgtype=Homepage.

3 thoughts on “2020: A Personal Slide Show

  1. what a wonderful slide show! thanks for sharing it.

    what has worked out about the two of your family who were exposed. have they stayed healthy? and the rest of you?

    blessings, a



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