Spring of 2020: a poem

The neighbor’s
cherry tree
a mushroom cloud
of pink,

how lovely this April
in the suburbs.

Awaken queasy at 3
all our homes afloat
on a sea of greening lawn
over which we shout

Furtive, we mask
for dinghy excursions
to the islands.
Fret over allergy sneezes,
dwindling savings.
Wonder if that friend who died
in winter? 

The kids are all home.
It could almost be a holiday.

Bluebirds dart about
hunting likely niches
for their broods.

2 thoughts on “Spring of 2020: a poem

    • Thank you, TJ! By the way, so sorry it’s taken me so long to respond to your kind comments about my posts – they go to an email account I’ve been neglecting! I’ll do better, promise!


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