2 thoughts on “New Book!

  1. Dear Tony,

    I can’t find your email address so am writing here–

    That was really kind of you to send Janet and me a copy of your book of poems! I’ve kept it on the kitchen island for the past few weeks, opening at random and reading, sometimes aloud, as we move through our days. The poems are a lovely collection, vivid and varied. I’ll never lose that image of your father’s bleeding knuckles, and the simple declaration about cobbler. Janet and I were touched to find ourselves in the acknowledgments.

    I hope you are doing all right through this strange time, and able still to work. The three of us are working from home, roaming from room to room through the day as our meetings allow. We’re fortunate to have lots of parks nearby and Janet and I had an early 6-mile birdwalk today. The fully-dispersed office is a new concept and we are managing so far.

    Thank you again for the excellent poems!

    Lots of love,


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